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New Arrival

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6x9: 100 Lined Pages with a personal note for the owner.
6x9: 100 Dotted Pages with a personal note for the owner.

My 2nd book is available through Amazon and other bookstores/online retailers worldwide. 

This book will help you be aware and learn about some of the mistakes I have made in my life regarding my personal journey in my finances, which will help you avoid making the same. Likewise, you will learn what you can do to break free from your old mindsets and create a healthy, wealthy life you have always hoped for.

Increasing your motivation to get into God’s Holy Word can make all
the difference!


In this 30Day Devotions, I have selected
30 biblical scriptures, with special messages and prayers to help you experience a deeper and personal relationship with your Heavenly
Father like you’ve been waiting for.

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